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2.E: Observing the Sky - The Birth of Astronomy (Exercise)

When the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun, the Sun appears higher in our sky. Because the Sun is higher, a square foot of land receives more solar radiation than it does in winter when the Sun is lower in the sky. This makes the northern hemisphere warmer, and we have summer. The Sun is highest in the Sky in June, but because it takes a little while for the Earth and oceans to warm up, the hottest days of summer don't occur until July and August. The opposite effect occurs in winter, i.

Because of the tilt, the Sun is "up" longer than 12 hours in the summer, and shorter than 12 hours in the winter. This also contributes to the temperature differences, but plays a much smaller role.

Worlds in Collision | Science, Religion & Astrology

Why are Astrologers not prosecuted for false representation and driven out of business? Why are professional astrologers not jailed for fraud? Serious scientific research, particularly in the area of Astrology, will be met with criticism from the scientific community and in the case of Dr Percy Seymour, rejection is a likely consequence.

Often this is the way with progressive attitudes in scientific discovery. The popularity of Atheism compliments the material function of scientific and fact-driven process underpinning modern intellectual and academic thought.

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Astrology is an art which serves as a mechanism for one to enter a direct dialogue with their higher expression of consciousness. It is a way to analyze, interpret and understand events, enabling the individual to empower themselves through challenging times autonomously, rather than communicating via middleman to gain holistic completion.

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Astrologers should continue to preserve the traditions which have existed longer than the scientific methodologies and religious institutions attempting to discredit its validity; lack of scientific research against astrology serves to prove the flaws in the opposing argument. Image Credit. Welcome to my 5th Vlog of !

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It comes down to: Astrologer: "I believe in astrology. Why not just predict the future by studying the flights of airplanes? That's an interesting idea, integrating the paths of airplanes into traditional augury. I like it.

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Introduction to Astronomy

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Astrology 101 - How To Interpret Your Birth Chart

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For Further Exploration: Observing the Sky

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