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Llewellyn's Witches' Companion. Medium Boiled Paranormal. Other Fiction. Your Account. Things that once held great meaning have changed in the past months and some beyond repair. It lets users restrict certain acco. Dark Moon.

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Think Long Island Medium.


Alex as a Cherokee Shaman uses sage or incense for the Clearing of the Energies, offers Holy Prayers, and uses Holy Water from Lourdes, France where the Virgin Mary still appears to heal travelers that go there to see her. She also uses olive oil as spoken of in the 23rd Psalms, of the Holy Bible when King David spoke of anointing his head with oil.

She is available to speak on Feng Shui topics. Alex is a keynote quality speaker on many Metaphysical topics and able to not only teach but inspire your audience. Check out the BLOG here on the www. She shares many articles that will help you understand your own personal Holy Spirit awakening for being able to do readings for yourself, in your own life and perhaps the lives of those you love and have as friends.

De cuando Prabal Gurung se puso sus valores políticos por bandera

You are NOT telling yourself the information. BUT you went right ahead trusting and spilled your guts and then the person you trusted told the very person that should never have known what you said?

November – a bridge to the other side

Needless to say, we did not talk again for 5 years. It will never mislead you, betray you or harm you in any manner whatsoever.


If you doubt it is of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, then immediately say the 3 Holy Names you treasure most of your Creator God, His Son Jesus or the Divine Holy Spirit over yourself, your mind, your body, your spirit, your family, your friends, your job, and all you own. You can never go wrong with this. View Larger Image.

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I just love, love, love doing tarot readings and everything else connected with tarot and astrology. Sun sign in Pisces Rising Cancer Moon in Sagittarius Ven. recaps of everything they saw at the Spring/Summer shows. The designer used Tarot Cards—which he recently learned how to.

See you on Sunday. Alex Shaw July 30th, Rev.

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