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Finance Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? Ask A Question Is there any question or problem lingering. Love Will you be able to rekindle with your lost love? If you are not. Taurus Vrishabha. Gemini Mithun. Cancer Karka. Leo Simha. Virgo Kanya. Libra Tula. Scorpio Vrishchika.

Sagittarius Dhanu. Capricorn Makara. Aquarius Kumbha. Pisces Meena. Tell a friend. E-mail us. Privacy Policy. The Planet ' Mars ' will continue its journey in the sign ' Virgo '. The Planet 'Mercury' will enter ' Scorpio ' on 23rd October The Planet ' Venus ' will enter ' Libra ' on 4th October The Planet 'Jupiter' will continue its journey in the sign ' Scorpio '. The Planet 'Saturn' will continue its journey in the sign ' Sagittarius '. As the name suggests, any auspious work started during this Ausipious period , will definitely gets completed and reach its conclusion, without any hurdles, as per our " Vedas and Vedic Astrology ".

The Level of luck will rise significantly during this month. You will find gain in money as well as career from this month. Changes in career will come after the 19th October You should be careful relating to high blood pressure as well as sudden rash decisions. You should not make changes in career, and should not start new projects after the 23rd October Income will continue to be good. Second half of the month will be better than the first half of the month. It would be advisable to remain conservative throughout and ensure no new work is commenced after the 21st October.

Positive trends will build up, as expansion in new areas possible. For persons in job, there will be good amount of progress till the 19th October Overall Improvement will come however after the 24th October The working professional people, will find a positive phase. There will be good amount of growth.

An undercurrent of non-fulfillment will remain mostly. If married this month will not be easy. Improvement will come after the 27th October Slow period for finances as certain unexplained blocks could persist in money matters. Gains from old investments possible. Income will be good although it will remain an object of worry mostly. New investments still should be avoided. Some better prospects come after the 18th October Lucky Numbers: - 2, 7, 9.

This will come as a combination of hurdles in career as well as a dip income. You should be wary of increasing expenses as well as bringing new commitments. This month and the period beyond could bring a lot of expenses on useful investments.


Current month however is discouraged. Certain modifications in law as well as market conditions could impact career. You should avoid controversy or unconventional steps. First half of the month is better than the second half of the month. A slowdown in career will be experienced but an increase in your contact base will increase the level of progress overall.

For business people, this is a gainful month, but there would be high level of volatility in outlook throughout. Monetary gains will remain good. It would be more so till the 24th October and improve thereafter. If you are a professional the month will remain slow mostly. Some hurdles could appear to rise after the 21st October This will remain high in intensity till the 17th October when there would be ego hassles to you. Improvements will come thereafter. It would be useful to bide your time and avoid adding fuel to the time.

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Sri Ram Astrological Centre. This transit will have generally mixed results except a few signs that will not get the desired results during this transit In Vedic Astrology, match making has been given high importance to avoid such incidence which may create problems in future married life relations Atmosphere at home front will appear to be good and you will get the support of your family members Future Predictions, Astrology, Spritual Queries. Mars will be transiting in Leo Sign throughout the month.

Speech should be controlled at all times. Gains from spouse possible. A very volatile period for finances operates now. You should be cautious of new investment at this time. Gains from unexpected source possible after the 16th October Income could take a dip since a small slowdown is expected. Still gains will continue and there would not be a shortage as such.

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Unexpected gains from old investment possible after the 16th October Investment of any kind, especially speculation should be totally avoided. Lucky Numbers: - 6, 5, 8. A new partnership opportunity is possible in career. Unmarried Gemini natives could find very good chances of marriage this month onwards.

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Take all steps to distress your self. Health is one area, which should be handled cautiously. Ego with spouse, health issues over aggression, issues with siblings. An exciting period in career has commenced with expansion and overall growth in new avenues throughout. You should however ensure that a new area in career is not opened beyond the 18th October Those that are in job, pressures will increase. There will be issues with coworkers, competition as well as pressure of superiors.

Very good prospect in business will build up now. Improvement could come only next month. For working professionals, growth opportunities will be good, although actual progress will come next few months. A dip in relations could be felt after the 27th October A very positive period in social life will also result this month. A positive month for love life. Unmarried have excellent chances of marriage in the coming few months. Some hurdles possible after the 18th October Favorable period for finances.

Avoid new investments from the 24th October Income will be fluctuating but average during the time. A new source of income formed now could give good returns in the coming months. Investment would be quite favorable. New investment made till the 26th October would be quite rewarding. Lucky Days: - Wednesday.

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Lucky Numbers: - 5, 3. A tendency to spend too much as well as being reckless in expenses will remain throughout. There will be change in work environments, which could see an expansion in scope of work, rise in income as well as increase in level of expenses. A higher level of vibrancy in career could come with this month. There will be some increase in competition also.